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what is free verse

Free verse is the perfect poetic form for those who like to bend—or totally break—the rules. It introduces you to a world where the words flow naturally and rhythm dances to its own tune, creating… Read More »What Is Free Verse?

what is a slant rhyme

Have you ever read a poem and noticed that some of the rhymes aren’t an exact match but manage to somehow sound like they could be? That’s the magic of slant rhyme. It’s a subtle… Read More »What is Slant Rhyme?

what is meter in poetry

There’s no denying that poetry can be challenging for students, especially when it comes to learning all the terms. But the more they know, the more they can understand (and maybe even appreciate) the literary… Read More »What is Meter?

plot structure in literature

What makes a story a good story? Engaging characters? A descriptive setting? Conflict and tension? A powerful message? A satisfying ending? (Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.) Without plot structure, all of these elements would… Read More »What is Plot Structure in Literature?

what is resolution in literature

There’s nothing more disappointing than a story with a bad ending, right? That’s why resolutions are such an important aspect of a story. This guide will cover everything you need to know about resolutions in… Read More »What is Resolution in Literature?

what is climax in literature

A story without a climax is like a road trip without a destination—it might be fun and exciting along the way… but what’s the point? Get ready to dive into everything from what exactly defines… Read More »What is a Climax in Literature?

what is external conflict

Want to know what makes a story interesting? Conflict. There would be no reason for epic battle scenes or archnemesis face-offs without it. Get ready to dig deeper into the different types of external conflict… Read More »What is External Conflict in Literature?

what is exposition in literature

Reading a story without exposition would be like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces—you’d never be able to see the full picture.  And that, my friend, is exactly why exposition is a vital… Read More »What is Exposition in Literature?