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what is setting in literature

Setting is an important backdrop to any narrative, literally! While the concept of this plot element may seem simple, there’s more to setting than meets the eye. This guide dives into all the things, including… Read More »What is Setting in Literature?

what is falling action in literature

When teaching plot, the rising action and climax usually get all the credit, right? But that’s exactly why it’s important to teach our students the importance of other plot elements, like falling action. The truth… Read More »What is Falling Action in Literature?

what is an acrostic

When you think of an acrostic, do you think of a simple poem, where each line starts with a different letter of your name? (Because same.) However, there’s a lot more to this creative form… Read More »What is an Acrostic?

What is dramatic irony in literature?

Who doesn’t love a little dramatic irony? Whether you’re reading a classic tragedy like Romeo and Juliet or watching a cult classic like Jaws, dramatic irony adds a specific element of suspense and anticipation that… Read More »What is Dramatic Irony in Literature?

what is anaphora

Find yourself wondering, “What is anaphora?” Before you can think about teaching anaphora to your students, it’s important to understand the basics of this figure of speech. If you’re looking to unpack what anaphora is,… Read More »What is Anaphora?

What is a tragic hero?

Are you preparing to teach the hero’s journey? As we all know, the journey doesn’t always go as planned. Enter the tragic hero. Consider this your guide to all things tragic heroes, from unpacking the… Read More »What is a Tragic Hero?

what is rising action in literature

When it comes to teaching plot, it’s important to ensure your students understand the various elements that make up a storyline, including rising action. However, it can be tricky for some students to decipher between… Read More »What is Rising Action in Literature?

what is rhyme scheme

If you’re gearing up to dive into poetry, chances are you will discuss rhyme schemes. These patterns play a crucial role in shaping the structure and flow of poems while creating the musicality we often… Read More »What is Rhyme Scheme?

what is logos in literature

Before you can think about teaching argumentation and persuasion, you must understand the basics of logos, including what it is, why it’s used, and how to spot it in writing or argument. This article teaches… Read More »What is Logos in Literature?

what is mood in literature

Gearing up to teach or analyze mood in literature? This guide covers all of the basics about mood, from understanding its definition to unpacking examples to sharing engaging teaching tips. Consider this your foundation for… Read More »What is Mood in Literature?