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what is mood in literature

Gearing up to teach or analyze mood in literature? This guide covers all of the basics about mood, from understanding its definition to unpacking examples to sharing engaging teaching tips. Consider this your foundation for… Read More »What is Mood in Literature?

black history month activities powerful people posters

Have your students create collaborative posters and learn about important, powerful people to celebrate Black History Month in a fresh and engaging way! Each research biography project emphasizes the significance of teamwork and effective communication, highlighting the importance of a… Read More »Black History Month Activities | Powerful People Posters

what is theme in literature

Before you can think about teaching or analyzing theme, it’s essential to understand what it is (and isn’t), why it’s used, and how to identify themes in a text. Consider this article your one-stop-shop for… Read More »What is Theme in Literature?

way to use google forms in secondary ela

If you’re ready to start the new year with more streamlined lesson planning, grading, and communication, you’ve come to the right post. Learn my best time-saving tips for using Google Forms in secondary ELA. With… Read More »7 Ways to Use Google Forms in Secondary ELA