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preparing students for standardized tests

When preparing students for standardized tests, teaching to the test is not the answer. Instead, incorporate these effective test-prep strategies to ensure student success on these tests and beyond. I never liked using precious class… Read More »Preparing Students for Standardized Tests

ela anchor chart poetry and prose

Description This anchor chart breaks down the differences between Prose and Poetry! An anchor chart is a classroom tool used to support instruction. An anchor chart contains vital information about a particular topic or subject. In this resource,… Read More »Poetry and Prose Anchor Chart

triple venn diagram

Description A Venn Diagram is a graphic organizer that uses overlapping circles to show the relationships among multiple things, ideas, topics, or subjects. Venn Diagrams make it easier to recognize specific patterns and connections. A Triple Venn… Read More »3 Circle Venn Diagram Template

steal characterization chart

Description There are five main methods of indirect characterization: speech, thoughts, effect, action, and looks, often abbreviated STEAL. Use this STEAL chart and reference guide in your classroom, so students may easily apply indirect characterization techniques… Read More »STEAL Characterization Chart

kwls chart

Description A KWLS chart is an organizational graphic tool for students to track their learning on a particular topic! K = What students already KNOW W = What students WANT to know (or WONDER, what questions do they have) L… Read More »Printable KWLS Chart

t chart graphic organizer

This resource includes a blank T-Chart template. One is ready to print (PDF), and one is editable for students (word document). A T Chart is a graphic organizer that separates information into two columns, traditionally for comparing two concepts. T-Charts help students analyze… Read More »T-Chart Template

editable plot diagram template

This resource includes a Printable and Editable Plot Diagram Graphic Organizer! Parts of the Plot: The Plot Diagram is an organizational tool used to map the events in a story. This mapping of plot structure allows… Read More »Plot Diagram Template (Editable)