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venn diagram template

A Venn diagram is an educational graphic organizer that uses overlapping circles to show the relationships among multiple things, ideas, or subjects. This resource includes two printable Venn diagrams (one with lines and one without). Venn diagrams… Read More »Free Venn Diagram Template

kwl chart

A KWL chart is an organizational graphic tool for students to track their learning on a particular topic! K = What students already KNOW W = What students WANT to know (or WONDER, what questions do they… Read More »KWL Chart

how to use creative writing for literary analysis

Are you students struggling with literary analysis? Creative writing makes for engaging and effective literary analysis. Learn how to use creative writing for literary analysis and favorite activities to try. Have you ever considered creative… Read More »How To Use Creative Writing for Literary Analysis

ray bradbury lesson plans

Ray Bradbury Lesson Plans The Veldt Lesson Plans Have your students read the short story “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury—the full text can be found online for free. The story is set far in the future… Read More »Teaching Ray Bradbury

independent reading strategies in the secondary classroom

Are you considering implementing independent reading in the secondary classroom? Maybe you’re wondering how to get started—or if it’s even worth doing. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. At first glance, it might… Read More »Independent Reading in the Secondary Classroom