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the flipped classroom model

What is a flipped classroom? A flipped classroom is a class that has “flipped” the organization of instruction and practice. Instead of following the traditional classroom model, in which teachers give direct instruction during class… Read More »The Flipped Classroom Model

edgar allan poe lesson plans

To be great, one should “study the greats.” And so, to inspire greatness, one should “teach the greats.”  Works of literature are vital tools for improving a student’s language arts skills. They serve as models… Read More »Teaching Edgar Allan Poe

teaching ela using escape rooms

Since the spread of coronavirus escalated in 2020, the requirement and desire to “work from home” has become less and less of an anomaly. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has mandated many teachers and educators go digital… Read More »Using Digital Escape Rooms To Teach ELA

what is growth mindset

Let it Grow, Let it Grow…Teaching Students How to Perceive Challenges, Invite Feedback, and Learn from Mistakes Teaching students how to cultivate a growth mindset is one of the best ways educators can help students… Read More »What is Growth Mindset?

how to teach verbals infinitives gerunds and participles

Note: English as a language is an intricate (and sometimes frustrating) combination of rules and grammars from several languages, namely Latin, French, and German. Because modern English is an amalgamation of these languages, and because… Read More »How to Teach Verbals