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The Giver Lesson Plans | Entire Novel Study

    the giver by lois lowry complete novel study

    This resource includes an Anticipation Guide for the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry.

    An anticipation guide is a comprehension strategy that is used before reading to activate students’ prior knowledge and build curiosity about a new topic.

    In this lesson, students will respond to several claims by indicating if they agree or disagree with that said statement.

    Next, students will work collaboratively in groups to answer related discussion questions to further build anticipation about the novel before reading.

    This lesson includes an after reading worksheet as well for students reassess their opinions after completing the novel.

    This resource includes a PDF copy that is ready to print as well as a WORD DOCUMENT copy in case teachers would like to modify the assignment.

    If you are working on a novel study for The Giver by Lois Lowry, these Vocabulary Lists, Practice Activities, and Quizzes will work perfectly for you!

    There are 5 sets of vocabulary words, divided by chapters, with 12-15 words in each section, totaling 63 words.

    Included in this resource:

    • Vocabulary Charts for Students
    • Powerpoint presentation with words, parts of speech, definitions, synonyms, and example sentences—for teaching purposes
    • Corresponding practice activities for every section
    • Quizzes (or additional practice) for every section
    • Teacher Guide and ANSWER KEYS

    This resource includes both PDF files (ready to print) and Word Documents (editable) that way teachers can make modifications if needed.

    While completing a novel study forThe Giver by Lois Lowry, have your students answer reading comprehension questions for every chapter!

    Included are 11 sets of questions (divided by every 2-3 chapters) which delve into character motives, themes, symbols, and essential plot details. The questions are a combination of literary analysis, reading comprehension, and critical thinking.

    Detailed answer keys are provided for all questions. You can print this resource as one all-encompassing packet or you can provide students worksheets one section at a time.

    This resource includes the following formats:

    • READY TO PRINT Student Copy of Questions (PDF)
    • EDITABLE Copy of Questions (Word Document)
    • ANSWER KEY TEACHER COPY of Questions with Answers (PDF)

    Make sure your students are completing their independent reading for the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry with these quick Reading Checks or Chapter Quizzes! This product works well if your students are reading independently or if you are reading as a class and you want to ensure students are paying attention.

    These questions require brief responses; they are recall questions that are meant to be simple for anyone who has completed the reading.

    This is a tool used simply to check that students are completing the independent reading, comprehending the basic information, and/or are engaged during class.

    The reading checks are divided by the following sections:

    Chapters 1-4

    Chapters 5-9

    Chapters 10-13

    Chapters 14-18

    Chapters 19-23

    This product includes the following file types:

    • Powerpoint Presentation
    • Printable Worksheets (PDF)
    • Editable Worksheets (word document)

    Teacher answer keys included!

    After reading the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry, have your students take a closer look at how the fictional society functions compared to our own contemporary society.

    By engaging in discussion and reflection, students will deepen their understanding of societal structures, norms, and values, while also recognizing parallels and contrasts between the two worlds.

    Students will not only deepen their understanding of The Giver but also develop critical thinking skills that enable them to analyze and reflect on the complexities of their own society.

    Answer key included.

    File types included:

    • Teacher Copy (PDF)
    • Student Copy (PDF)
    • EDITABLE Student Copy (Word document)

    Your students will enjoy searching for different words from the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry in this activity. This resource includes 5 different Word Search worksheets.

    Each worksheet is divided by section:

    Chapters 1-4

    Chapters 5-9

    Chapters 10-13

    Chapters 14-18

    Chapters 19-23

    The words are hidden in all directions making these the perfect challenge! The words in each puzzle are pulled directly from each chapter in the book.


    This is an awesome activity for early finishers. You could also assign these as extra credit or just something fun to enjoy in class/at home.

    Use this Powerpoint Presentation to teach students all about themes in The Giver, and other essential background information that is related to themes in the novel.

    The presentation includes interactive prompts to facilitate discussions that foster critical thinking and engagement. Students will make real-world connections with examples such as China’s One-Child Policy and the Holocaust.

    Students will consider a world without color and a life without memory as well as the importance that pain plays in our lives.

    This lesson includes a Guided Notes Theme Packet for students to fill out as they actively listen to the information presented.

    Ask your students to share their understanding of the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry by imaginatively blending their written ideas with colorful images based on information from the text.

    With this one-pager reading comprehension project, students will analyze literary elements from The Giver as well as share their own personal responses to the book. This activity is the perfect addition to your dystopian novel study!

    Students’ final masterpieces make beautiful bulletin boards!

    Included in this purchase is:

    • Student directions for the one pager project PDF
    • Rubric for the one pager project PDF
    • Example one pager for the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry
    • 11 BLANK TEMPLATES (printable—optional)
    • Student Directions/rubric EDITABLE word document

    Have your students analyze characters from Lois Lowry’s The Giver in a fun and engaging way: Character Collabs!

    Your students will use several characterization methods to depict each character’s profile, demonstrate their understanding of the literature, and present their final work on a poster.

    Posters will showcase your students’ body of work after completing each character’s biography.

    Additionally, students will learn the importance of collaboration and effective communication.

    There are 9 characters from THE GIVER included in this resource:

    • Jonas
    • Lily
    • Asher
    • Fiona
    • Rosemary
    • The Giver
    • The Chief Elder
    • Jonas’s Mother
    • Jonas’s Father

    This resource includes the following:

    • Teacher Guide
    • Student Directions
    • Rubric
    • Brainstorm Character Analysis Worksheet
    • Blank Coloring Pages for each character
    • Answer Keys
    • Example of Final Project for the Giver
    • Digitally Colored Examples for every character
    • Editable documents: directions, rubric, brainstorm worksheet

    Your students will love solving puzzles in this 360° Digital Escape Room based on the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry.

    Deepen your students’ understanding of the novel while providing an unforgettable experience for them. Check out the video preview to see more!

    This activity is designed to work for a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

    Students will try to “escape the cold” and enter a warm house where a Christmas celebration is taking place… just like Jonas at the end of the novel.

    To open the lock, students most work together and solve a series of clues based on major plot points and themes from The Giver.

    This activity is a great way to get students to work collaboratively and practice problem-solving skills.

    Included in this download are: teacher instructions, student instructions, the master lock graphic organizer, answer keys, printable clues (optional), and a reflection sheet (optional).

    This resource includes: The Giver Final Test with Answer Key!

    This test, based on the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry, requires students to establish what they learned from the novel and their overall comprehension of the book. This assessment requires students’ knowledge about: symbolism, characterization, theme, and more.

    The exam consists of 46 questions and offers students an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities in a variety of ways:

    • 18 multiple choice questions
    • 11 true or false questions
    • 10 character identification questions
    • 6 short answer questions (1-2 sentences)
    • 1 open-ended question (4-6 sentences)

    This resource includes the following file types:

    • READY TO PRINT Test Student Copy (PDF)
    • EDITABLE Test Student Copy (Word document)
    • READY TO PRINT Test Teacher Copy with Answers (PDF)

    This Movie Guide is based on the 2014 film, The Giver, directed by Phillip Noyce, and starring Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Brenton Thwaites, Alexander Skarsgård, Katie Holmes, and Taylor Swift.

    Students can appreciate the film and analyze the extent to which the movie stays faithful to or departs from the original text, evaluating the choices made by the director. Answer key included.

    This movie analysis packet works perfectly at the end of a novel study for The Giver by Lois Lowry.

    Students will also have an opportunity to share their opinions on casting choices and adaptation decisions.

    The film is 1 hour and 37 minutes in length.

    This resource includes SIX Full Weeks of content for the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry.

    Additionally, in this UNIT PLAN BUNDLE, you will receive a teacher guide that encompasses an example Unit Schedule/ Pacing Guide!

    You can purchase each lesson individually or save money and get the Bundle!

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