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3 Circle Venn Diagram Template

    triple venn diagram


    A Venn Diagram is a graphic organizer that uses overlapping circles to show the relationships among multiple things, ideas, topics, or subjects. Venn Diagrams make it easier to recognize specific patterns and connections.

    Triple Venn Diagram is a way to compare 3 sets of information using three circles as opposed to the traditional two.

    The overlapping areas of the circles depict the elements that are shared between two or three topics, while the non-overlapping areas show the elements that are unique to each topic.

    Venn Diagrams help show what each subject has in common and what qualities are unique to each subject. This will help students identify and understand the similarities and differences between topics.

    Included in this resource is a printable Triple Venn Diagram, blank template (PDF).

    three circles venn diagram

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