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Women’s History Month One-Pager


Celebrate Women’s History Month in March with this one-pager project that requires students to research important women in history. Completed projects make beautiful hallway or classroom displays; students’ artwork also makes for great bulletin boards that highlight Women’s History Month.

Included in this purchase is:

  • Student directions for the one pager project
  • Rubric for the one pager project
  • Example one pager (Featuring RBG – Ruth Bader Ginsberg)
  • 11 BLANK TEMPLATES (printable — optional)
  • EDITABLE word document for teachers in case you would like to change the instructions or rubric

Example research options include:

Eleanor Roosevelt
Maya Angelou
Amelia Earhart
Frida Kahlo
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Sandra Day O’Connor
Madeleine Albright
Malala Yousafzai
Shirley Chisholm
Harper Lee
Sojourner Truth
Mother Teresa
Susan B. Anthony
Harriet Tubman
Georgia O’Keeffe
Alice Paul
Betty Friedan
Mary Wollstonecraft
Angela Davis
Alice Walker
Victoria Woodhull
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Jane Austen
Anne Frank
Queen Elizabeth I
Marie Curie
Mary McLeod Bethune
Billie Holiday

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