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The Great Gatsby Digital Escape Room


Your students are going to love The Great Gatsby Digital Escape Room! Students will decipher and solve puzzles in this dramatic, backyard pool scene from the novel. In this 360° digital escape room, students will try to evade the police and enter Gatsby’s mansion to pack a get away bag!

This activity is designed to work for a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Students will solve a series of clues based on the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald in order to crack the master lock and escape the premises.

This game entails reading comprehension skills, finding textual evidence, and making inferences. Watch the preview video to get a closer look of what this resource entails.

Included in this download are teacher instructions, student instructions (digital), the master lock graphic organizer, answer keys, and a reflection sheet (optional).

Check out these fun Escape Room Photo Props to make the experience complete!

PLEASE READ: While using this resource, you must have a wi-fi connection and the ability to access the following sites: Google Forms and Please check that these websites are not blocked by your district’s filter before purchasing. Your students do not need to have a Google account.

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