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The Giver Theme Analysis — Background Info and Historical Context


Use this Powerpoint Presentation to teach students all about themes in The Giver, and other essential background information that is related to themes in the novel.

The presentation includes interactive prompts to facilitate discussions that foster critical thinking and engagement. Students will make real-world connections with examples such as China’s One-Child Policy and the Holocaust.

Students will consider a world without color and a life without memory as well as the importance that pain plays in our lives.

This lesson includes a Guided Notes Theme Packet for students to fill out as they actively listen to the information presented.

Topics discussed in this lesson:

  • Theme Definition
  • The Importance of Memories
  • The Cost of a Utopian Society
  • The Dangers of a Controlling Government
  • The Dangers of Sameness and Conformity
  • The Importance of Individuality and Choice
  • The Relationship Between Pain and Pleasure
  • The Importance of Feelings and Emotions
  • The Importance of Human Connection
  • Lois Lowry Background Info
  • Dystopian and Utopian Literature Characteristics
  • The Death Penalty in the United States
  • Euthanasia
  • China’s One Child Policy
  • The Holocaust and Book Burning
  • The Importance of Colors
  • Banned Books