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Scythe | Research Project and Essay | Patron Historic Project


After reading Scythe by Neal Shusterman, have your students choose their own Patron Historic and conduct research on the luminary of their choice.

Students will first work with the Patron Historics already included in the novel. Such as: Anastasia Romanov, Marie Curie, Michael Faraday, Mao Zedong, Nelson Mandela, Alessandro Volta, Noam Chomsky, Ayn Rand, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and MORE.

Next, students will brainstorm what their own Patron Historic would be if they were to be ordained as a scythe. Additionally, they will consider what color(s) robes they would wear.

Lastly, teach students about the 5 paragraph essay using the PowerPoint presentation included. Students will write an engaging and thought-provoking essay that blends personal reflection with thorough research.

This resource includes the following:

1) Patron Historic Worksheet with over 20 names to research from the novel

2) Patron Historic Answer Key

3) PowerPoint Lesson on how to write a research essay

4) Scythe Patron Historic Essay Prompt and Requirements (editable and printable)

5) Brainstorm Worksheet/Graphic Organizer for Essay

6) Patron Historic Essay Rubric (editable and printable)