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Scythe Before Reading Lesson and Anticipation Guide


This is the perfect introductory lesson for any teacher beginning a novel study on Scythe by Neal Shusterman.

Begin with the anticipation guide included. An anticipation guide is a comprehension strategy that is used before reading to activate students’ prior knowledge and build curiosity about a new topic.

In this lesson, students will respond to several claims by indicating if they agree or disagree with that said statement. Next, students will work collaboratively in groups to answer related discussion questions to further build anticipation about the novel before reading.

Lastly, teachers will familiarize students with important concepts from the novel using the Powerpoint Presentation in this resource. The notes include author background information, the dystopian, utopian, and coming-of-age genres, and a preview of upcoming themes.

Students will use a guided notes worksheet to copy necessary notes as well as participate in important discussions about the lesson.