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Growth Mindset Bell Ringer Journal Prompts for Entire School Year


There are 175 growth mindset bell ringers in this Powerpoint presentation. This means you will have a warm up assignment for the entire school year! Have your students complete their bell ringers in a composition book or ELA notebook. No printing or prep needed! Bell ringers, Do nows, Warm ups, Journal prompts… whatever you call them in your classroom: these growth mindset questions are perfect for middle school or high school.

This product consists of several excellent teaching strategies all rolled into one!

  1. Journaling
  2. Bell ringers/ Activating strategy
  3. Growth Mindset
  4. Collins Type 1 Writing
  5. Meaningful Conversations

Journaling is a great way for students to improve their writing, set goals, record ideas, relieve stress, work out anxiety, self-reflect, be creative, and overall learn more about themselves.

Bell ringers, also known as “do nows” or “warm-ups,” help students get in the habit of walking into class and getting started right away. They allow students to transition into class immediately and establish a routine. Bell ringers help teachers because students settle down quicker and the teacher can manage housekeeping tasks such as taking attendance.

Growth mindset is all the rage in today’s education system with good reasoning. It’s the mindset that requires you to accept negative feedback with a positive attitude, learn from experience, and come up with strategies to improve the next time. It’s believing that even if you fail at something, it’s not the end… you can still succeed! Why wouldn’t we want our students to learn this?

Collins Type 1 writing is all about brainstorming. Students write for a specific period of time and do not stop until the time is up. They are not required to go back and edit or create a second draft. The focus is to capture ideas and promote stimulation.

Meaningful conversations are important to create a comfortable and accepting climate in your classroom. It helps build rapport with your students as well as your students with each other. Help your students become thinkers and connect with them on real-life topics through these journal prompts. You don’t have to expand on the bell ringer every day, but the opportunity is there if you’d like to facilitate it.

Just a few of the numerous topics covered in the growth mindset bell ringers:

Growth mindset
Fixed Mindset
Brain Plasticity