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Greek Mythology Posters | 11 Greek Heroes | Body Biographies


Have your students analyze the Greek Heroes from Greek Mythology in a fun and engaging way: Collaborative Posters!

Students will learn the importance of collaboration and effective communication as they delve into the body of work surrounding each mythological figure.

Students will research information about the featured character’s life story, attributes, and significance within Greek mythology—a comprehensive biography of their character!

Beyond the typical character analysis activity, students can unleash their artistic talents and creativity, adding their personal touch to these iconic representations. This hands-on approach not only enhances retention but also cultivates a deeper connection to the material.

This resource includes:

  • 11 Greek Hero Posters (comprised of 6 pages each)
  • Brainstorming Worksheet for Students
  • Project Rubric
  • Student Instructions
  • Teacher Guide
  • Editable Documents: Rubric, Brainstorm Worksheet, & Student Directions
  • Colored Example: Heracles

This resource includes posters for the following 11 Greek Heroes:

  1. Achilles
  2. Atalanta
  3. Bellerophon
  4. Castor
  5. Diomedes
  6. Heracles
  7. Jason
  8. Odysseus
  9. Perseus
  10. Pollux
  11. Theseus