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Evaluate Arguments & Claims – Bias, Audience, Persuasive Appeals


Teach your students how to spot bias and persuasive appeals in non-fiction passages! In this lesson, they will examine, analyze, and evaluate arguments.

This purchase includes:

  • A Powerpoint lesson on key terms, including: bias, audience, claim, counterclaim, evidence, and the three methods of persuasion (emotional, ethical, and logical appeals)
  • An accommodating graphic organizer for key terms
  • Practice identifying target audience worksheet with 10 short non-fiction passages
  • Evaluating arguments practice worksheet where students will identify if the author uses the emotional, ethical, or logical persuasive appeal
  • Practice identifying bias worksheet where students will read 6 short non-fiction passages and rate the bias of the author
  • Non-fiction article on the trouble with photoshopping pictures on social media and in advertising
  • 12 after reading questions that cover all key terms learned as they pertain to the non-fiction article
  • Answer keys for all