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End of the Year Awards | 40+ Editable Student Certificates | Classroom Awards


Class awards are a fun, positive way to recognize and celebrate students’ achievements throughout the school year.

This resource includes 40 different end-of-year ELA awards to celebrate the unique contributions and accomplishments of your students. Each award can be personalized with the student’s name, date, and your name.

(The images can not be edited. Only the date and names can be changed.)

There are also two blank certificates if you’d like to create and customize your own award!

Most of the awards in this resource can be utilized in a general education classroom, while 3 or 4 of them are geared toward English Language Arts. Check out the list below.

Student Awards Included:

  1. Artistic Ace
  2. Bookworm Award
  3. Busy Bee
  4. Captivating Comedian
  5. Citizenship Crown
  6. Collaborative Champion
  7. Cool as a Cucumber
  8. Creative Connoisseur
  9. Diligent Detective
  10. Donut Award
  11. Drama King
  12. Drama Queen
  13. Early Bird
  14. Empathy Ambassador
  15. Energetic Enthusiast
  16. Grammar Genius
  17. Growth Guru
  18. Guardian Angel
  19. Humble Helper
  20. Incredible Integrity
  21. Likable Leader
  22. Master of Patience
  23. Master of the Mic
  24. Never Miss a Beat
  25. Organization Sensation
  26. Passionate Participant
  27. Pencil Collector
  28. Penmanship Picasso
  29. Perseverance Award
  30. Persistently Polite
  31. Puzzle Master
  32. Quick Thinker
  33. Social Butterfly
  34. Tech Wizard
  35. The Clash Champion
  36. The Extra Mile
  37. The Golden Ear
  38. The Spontaneous Songbird
  39. The Sunshine Award
  40. Trend Alert 1
  41. Trend Alert 2
  42. Wordsmith Award
  43. Create Your Own 1
  44. Create Your Own 2