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Emily Dickinson Poetry Analysis | 3 Poems


In this Emily Dickinson poetry study, students will analyze three poems as well as a short biography of Emily Dickinson; then they will compare and contrast the author’s techniques and poetic devices used in each poem.

Emily Dickinson is one of America’s greatest poets of all time, writing during the Romantic Era of American Literature. Have your students analyze how Dickinson takes an abstract feeling or idea in her poetry and correlates it to something physical.

The literary analysis questions in this lesson are in reference to the following 3 poems:

  • It’s All I Have to Bring Today
  • Hope is the Thing with Feathers
  • Because I could not stop for Death

Students will write a constructed response using textual evidence to compare and contrast two of the three poems.

Literary and Poetic Devices covered:

  • personification
  • alliteration
  • theme
  • mood
  • tone
  • imagery
  • symbolism
  • language
  • style
  • repetition
  • irony
  • metaphor
  • extended metaphor
  • consonance

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