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A Christmas Carol Quizzes by Stave — Reading Checks for Every Stave


Make sure your students are completing their independent reading for the novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens with these quick Reading Checks or Chapter Quizzes! This product works well if your students are reading independently or if you are reading as a class and you want to ensure students are paying attention! 🙂

These questions require brief responses; they are recall questions that are meant to be simple to remember for anyone who has completed the reading. This is a tool used simply to check that students are completing the independent reading, comprehending the basic information, and/or are engaged during class.

The reading checks are divided by every individual stave (5). There are three different versions of every set of questions (a, b, and c). This is so you can use different quizzes for different classes and avoid cheating (students talk and share answers).

This product includes a Powerpoint presentation as well as printable worksheets (PDF).

To administer quizzes:

  • project the questions on your board for students to see
  • have students use scrap paper or lined paper to write their answers down (or print the worksheets included)
  • when everyone is done, have students grade each other’s answers by switching papers in class
  • review the correct answers out loud and project them on the board
  • collect graded quizzes

Teacher answer keys included!