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Chomping At The Lit

what is resolution in literature

There’s nothing more disappointing than a story with a bad ending, right? That’s why resolutions are such an important aspect of a story. This guide will cover everything you need to know about resolutions in… Read More »What is Resolution in Literature?

what is climax in literature

A story without a climax is like a road trip without a destination—it might be fun and exciting along the way… but what’s the point? Get ready to dive into everything from what exactly defines… Read More »What is a Climax in Literature?

what is external conflict

Want to know what makes a story interesting? Conflict. There would be no reason for epic battle scenes or archnemesis face-offs without it. Get ready to dig deeper into the different types of external conflict… Read More »What is External Conflict in Literature?

what is exposition in literature

Reading a story without exposition would be like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces—you’d never be able to see the full picture.  And that, my friend, is exactly why exposition is a vital… Read More »What is Exposition in Literature?

what is setting in literature

Setting is an important backdrop to any narrative, literally! While the concept of this plot element may seem simple, there’s more to setting than meets the eye. This guide dives into all the things, including… Read More »What is Setting in Literature?

what is falling action in literature

When teaching plot, the rising action and climax usually get all the credit, right? But that’s exactly why it’s important to teach our students the importance of other plot elements, like falling action. The truth… Read More »What is Falling Action in Literature?

what is an acrostic

When you think of an acrostic, do you think of a simple poem, where each line starts with a different letter of your name? (Because same.) However, there’s a lot more to this creative form… Read More »What is an Acrostic?

What is dramatic irony in literature?

Who doesn’t love a little dramatic irony? Whether you’re reading a classic tragedy like Romeo and Juliet or watching a cult classic like Jaws, dramatic irony adds a specific element of suspense and anticipation that… Read More »What is Dramatic Irony in Literature?

what is anaphora

Find yourself wondering, “What is anaphora?” Before you can think about teaching anaphora to your students, it’s important to understand the basics of this figure of speech. If you’re looking to unpack what anaphora is,… Read More »What is Anaphora?