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Home » A Christmas Carol Conflicts — Internal and External Conflicts

A Christmas Carol Conflicts — Internal and External Conflicts


In this resource, your students will review and analyze several essential conflicts that develop the plot and themes of the novella A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Included in this lesson:

  • Mini-Lesson on Type of Conflicts (Powerpoint presentation) with Guided Notes (PDF)
    • Character vs Self
    • Character vs Character
    • Character vs Nature
    • Character vs Society
    • Character vs Supernatural
    • Character vs Fate
    • Character vs Technology
  • 9 Examples of Conflict from the novella A Christmas Carol where students will answer a series of questions using textual evidence for EACH conflict. Students will work in groups to complete the graphic organizers. They will analyze how the conflicts impact the story and become resolved. For Example: Scrooge vs Christmas (PDF and Word document available for teachers to edit)
  • Teacher Answer Key (PDF)

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