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Home » 2BR02B By Kurt Vonnegut Jr. — Dystopian Short Story Analysis

2BR02B By Kurt Vonnegut Jr. — Dystopian Short Story Analysis


In this resource, your students will read and analyze the dystopian short story “2BR02B” By Kurt Vonnegut Jr. where all aging and diseases have been cured, so now society must deal with the consequences of overpopulation. The story is pronounced “To be or not to be” symbolically alluding to Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet.

Included in this purchase:

  • Suggested Lesson Procedure for teachers
  • 3 Pre-reading activities to build anticipation and personal connections
  • Powerpoint presentation that includes: brief author bio, academic vocabulary words and definitions
  • Graphic Organizer for Vocabulary Words
  • 2BR02B By Kurt Vonnegut Jr. — Reading and Analysis Questions
  • 3 Extended Response Questions
  • 3 Unique and Creative Project Options for after reading
  • Answer Keys

File Types Included:

Teacher Guide and Answer Keys (PDF)

Student Copy of Activities (Word document—editable for teachers)

Student Copy of Activities (PDF—ready to print)

Powerpoint Presentation

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