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Jacqueline Woodson Body Biography Project — Collaborative Poster Activity


Have your students create a collaborative poster and learn about Jacqueline Woodson in a fun, fresh, and engaging, way!

This biography research project emphasizes the significance of teamwork and effective communication, highlighting the importance of a unified body of knowledge.

Your students will conduct research and demonstrate an understanding of the life of Jacqueline Woodson by creating a beautiful biography poster.

This is an awesome Black History Month Activity!

Jacqueline Woodson is best known for her memoir Brown Girl Dreaming, and other titles including: After Tupac, D FosterFeathers, Show Way, The Day You Begin and The Year We Learned to Fly.

Powerful People Project Steps:

1. To construct the biography poster, your students will work in groups to conduct research on Jacqueline Woodson.

2. Students will then transfer their findings to boxes on the poster.

3. Next, they will work together to color or paint the pieces of the poster.

4. Lastly, students will tape together the final product.

The poster is made up of six pieces of paper, which can be printed on regular copy paper or card stock.

Once taped together, the final product will be 28″ x 15″ and can last a lifetime if you laminate it.

This resource includes the following:

  • Student Directions (PDF and editable word document)
  • Project Rubric (PDF and editable word document)
  • Brainstorm Graphic Organizer (PDF and editable word document)
  • 6 Blank Coloring Pages (PDFs)
  • Jacqueline Woodson Answer Key
  • Example of Final Project (PDF)

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